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Who we are.

The free lessons are straight from our Affluence V2 course. Which means that you'll see Max Nieveld explain his trading journey and how this approach changed his life. 

What we do.

The free lessons cover the industry in detail and the supply and demand approach used in New Capital FX. Moreover, a deep dive into multi-timeframe analysis is shared and more insights into our trading style.

How we do it.

Trading is just a small part of the bigger picture. Being a high performance individual requires discipline, which is explained in our chapter 'The Productive Mindset'. 

What New Capital members say



Best course and community on the market!

I have been trading at New Capital FX for over a year now, and I have seen significant changes in both my trading results, consistency and mental state towards trading itself. The course is very mechanical and simplistic, which makes it very easy to absorb all the information that they provide. I could not be more happy about the community and mentors that answer all my questions! The team at New Capital is professional and even helps you out with ways to acquire funding for your personal trading account.

Definitely the best course that I have seen so far, and I would recommend this to any trading that is in search for consistent trade results and an amazing global community!


Simplicity, Understanding and Clarity are what I needed before joining the New Capital Course and Community and those (and more) were what I got in plenty when I joined. I had taken two courses before with no consistency results but with the mechanical approach that I got in the New Capital Course, I've been consistently profitable in the markets since the first month of joining! (January 2020).I can never recommend it enough!


Amazing community with a simple, data-driven mechanical approach to trading. The skills and strategy learned at New Capital FX will teach you how to take the discretion out of trading.

I've been at New Capital since January 2020, and the year has been life-changing so far. Managed to secure funding at two proprietary firms in 8 months time, and are now looking at scaling up for 2021.


Great community with a lot of actual intel on how the market moves. Zero discretion, 100% edge.

This way of trading has changed my look at the financial markets. Instead of trading subjective, New Capital uses a mechanical way of technical analysis which allows all the students to trade without any doubt. Long term, the edge will play and the strategy will win.

This mechanical way of trading reduces all your emotions. If you get too emotional, you will fail instantly. Because of that, you will do EVERYTHING to win from these emotions. If you trade the plan, you will win. This is the point where I fundamentally changed myself and my view on the financial markets.

Obtain your mechanical edge

Trades taken by the students

Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 09.44.14.png

Trade Recap

AUD/NZD Short - March 23rd 2021 

The 3rd trade on AUD/NZD in 2021 occured when price reached our institutional supply zone back in March 2021. Our step by step trading plan verified this supply zone at the daily time-frame and stacked this price area with a weekly supply zone aswell. 

The trade was executed with our 12hour pattern, being the 4hour star formation. As always our fixed risk to reward is 1:3 and the stop loss is placed with our formula. 

I understand your frustration


In fact, I've traded so many strategies in the first two years of my trading career. Starting with trading support and resistance, which in my opinion is too subjective in many ways, besides that I tried things as trading only trendline based or indicator based, which didn't always provide the consistent quarterly results I was looking for...

So here's some good news for you 😎


I'm NOT someone that provides you with a subjective strategy or keeps you month after month in a subscription, with a strategy that isn't working. 


You've had enough sleepless nights already... 


What I WILL do for you...


Is teach you the exact same system that I've PERSONALLY used to scale my trading results and which I am currently trading in our fully regulated hedgefund in the Netherlands.


Yes, I've actually DONE THE WORK, and I promise you that when you put in the work too, you'll be very happy about the returns you can generate with it.

I've spent the last 6 years absorbing knowledge like a sponge, developing high-profit strategies and executing them with our team of traders. My personal goal is to attract more talented traders to our style and leverage this talent  to its full potential.

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