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Hey, it's me

Max Nieveld.

A passionate fin-tech enthusiast actively revolutionising the landscape of financial automation, trading, investing, asset management, and coaching.

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Trading, Automation,
Investing & Funding.

I've empowered countless individuals to master the art of trading, offering foolproof strategies for navigating FX, Crypto, and Stocks. From guiding enthusiasts through the transition from manual to automated trading to equipping them with the skills to craft their own profitable strategies.

Fueled by a passion for financial markets, I'm engaged in asset management and various SaaS projects. My aspiration is to establish an open-source hedge fund industry for more diversified returns and genuine alpha. Let's collaboratively shape a future where knowledge flourishes, and limitless success is attained through collective intelligence.

No Matter Your Goals,
Coaching Gets You There Faster.




You tell me your goals & obstacles.

You pick a date in my calendar.

I'll provide you a reply & offer.

I'll prepare a personalised session(s).

We'll plan the coaching zoom session(s).

You get the ins and outs of the industry.

You get a step by step plan of action.

You'll be able to ask any questions.

We'll host a 30 min recap call.

We'll review your full progress.

We'll seek for more improvements.

I'll provide your next winning steps.




Reserve Your Coaching Spot

Book a date in Max's Calender,
and share your the desired goals you would love to achieve.

The team will review with Max what the right coaching program is to reach your desired goals.

The coaching session will be prepared on a personalised basis and planned with you and Max.

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