Your Daily Edge!

Max here, and it feels extremely good to be back with posting on a daily basis.

What can you expect from me the upcoming year?

  • A place where you can learn for free, on a daily basis.

  • A place where transparancy and quality is a key priority.

  • A place where you can learn about trading, probabilities, business, finance, health, discipline, fund management and psychology.

This is a public place, where I can share ideas, feelings and experiences in its rawest format.. I am extremely excited!

What is the reason for starting this blog?

  • I started with trading in 2014, when there was no individual out there that provided all their lessons publicly and in a transparent manner. You probably know that transparency is hard to find in this industry and I find this truly disappointing. Traders are a bit of a unique type of people, well at least I consider myself a bit strange. However, we do have many things in common and we can leverage these commonalities to learn from eachothers mistakes.

The main objective of this blog?

  • Documenting the journey, and trying to share my two cents with the ones that follow this same direction in life.

Speak to you soon! Kind regards, Max