Welcome to Weekly FX

It has been a while. After an extremely busy period in my personal life and business wise, it is time to come back with both the Daily Edge and Weekly FX!

What's happening here?

  • This is a place where you can learn.

  • This is a place where you can earn.

I'll be covering many charts, focused on both FX, Stocks and Crypto. Some weeks will be busy and totally covered with the pairs I am personally watching, other weeks I'll focus more on the Daily Edge topics to share my experiences about my journey that can directly benefit your trading. The Dollar, What's up?

Recently, the dollar has been very clear and has been respecting many of our institutional zones. I would like to cover the Monthly right now, let's dig into the chart below.

This might be a bit overwhelming if you are not trading supply and demand zones, but price tends to move from zone to zone. (The white candles are necessary to spot the liquidity areas) What has happened? Back in 2020 when price tapped the fresh monthly supply area, price started to tank lower when weekly and daily supply zones were reached and created at similar levels. Since then, it was very likely to expect the next fresh area of demand to be reached which occured 6 months later at the start of 2021. What is next? Price is moving towards a key inflection point for the Dollar in general, this area has been stacked with the .382 monthly fibonacci re-tracement, combined with fresh monthly supply, the monthly 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and many key areas of interest on lower time-frames. It is very likely that we can capatlize on a long-term move from this area of supply, however reaching it is a bit difficult already.

The Daily is looking interesting with a bit of a bullish short-term outlook to fill up the orange newly created supply area. From this supply area, there is a mechanical edge to the downside if price develops star patterns at the 4hour time-frame. Let's be patient and see if daily supply is broken, to tap into the monthly stack of confluence.

What will I trade this week?

CAD Weakness when it reaches the newly created supply areas;