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Updated: Apr 10, 2021

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There exist two major skills that have to be mastered to reach consistent profitable returns in trading: Strategy and Mindset. The first skill is strategy, which is assumed by many as the most important thing in trading. Though, the more experienced and advanced traders know that this isn’t totally the truth.

By giving inexperienced traders a profitable strategy over-time, does not indicate that they will be able to generate a consistent return out of the financial markets. This myth of a secret strategy to fast-wealth is told to so many traders, this in our opinion should be eliminated as quickly as possible.

Let me explain how we define ‘strategy’. The definition of strategy by the dictionary is the following: ‘’A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.’’

Strategy means having a detailed plan of action with, risk management, target management, technical and fundamental analysis to achieve the long-term goal of obtaining consistent profits out of the financial markets. By consistently gaining percentages out of the market, the universe provides us with the law of compound which allows us to walk the road to wealth building.

As mentioned, mastering the strategy is just the beginning of the road towards consistency and wealth building. The second skill that is needed is the most important and powerful skill you will ever need in your life, not only with trading but with everything you do. It is controlling the inner voice of your mind. This guide is focused mainly on the psychology of trading and gaining the skills to put the edge on your side of the game.  

The combination of mastering your strategy and the mental game is the most powerful thing you can do in trading.

‘’Master one and you’ll struggle, master both and you will thrive. ‘’