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The basics of financial freedom

Most individuals remain trapped in traditional beliefs in which studying, finding a 9-5, and working until retirement age is the most chosen financial path. Yet, this is not a gateway to freedom.

Like everything I share, I don't want to polarize, all in the universe has positive and negative charges and this is needed to keep the world spinning. (This is not spiritual stuff, this is just physics)

However, what the global system does is treat everyone the same way; go to college, get a job, and do that until your end is here. As I said, this is not for many and if you're reading my words, you're probably one of the few that want something else in life.

To not waste time, your target is financial independence and there are two objectives hidden within that target.

Two targets:

  1. Semi-Passive Financial Independence (level 1)

  2. Fully Passive Financial Independence (level 2)

Semi-Passive Financial Independence (SPFI) is reached when you no longer have to rely on income from a job. Reaching this stage of FI is achieved when your passive and semi-passive income streams are equal to or greater than your cost of living.

Fully Passive Financial Independence (FPFI) is the ability to maintain level one FI, regardless of changing internal and external circumstances. Whatever happens to you or in the world, you're generating income that exceeds your cost of living.

In future posts, we will dig into how to reach these targets and figure out new income-generating methods along the way.

Having these targets, provide you with a roadmap that we will use in the near future.

Speak to you soon!

Kind regards,


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