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Discipline is everything

Discipline is a powerful tool and goes hand in hand with so many other principles which propel your life. It’s an internal fire that keeps you working towards your goals. Without discipline, it’s hard to follow a routine and overcome obstacles.

Discipline goes hand in hand with the 5-second rule. 5…4…3…2…1 Let’s go! The best time to start being disciplined, to start working on your dreams, or to work on your health is NOW. The perfect timing is right here!

Do you want to improve your health? Go for a run. Do you want to write a book? Go for it and write as much down as possible in the next 30 minutes. Being disciplined is fairly easy. You take repeated actions, even when times get hard. If you don’t feel well but your schedule says you have to work out, look at what you can do instead of giving up completely.

The upside: You outperform your peers who are not as disciplined as you.

The downside: There is no downside.

You reign about your inner you. You control your thoughts. You decide if laziness, high temper, anger, or frustration will get space in your life. The decision is completely up to you.

Do you struggle to switch the flip and simply do it? A good approach to increase control of your thoughts is to expose yourself to stress. We do so carefully and with mindfulness.

For instance, it helps me tremendously to go for a workout. Get the blood pumping and push your physical limits a little bit every time. Stressing your body toughens your physical condition as well as your mental health.

The other crucial components are a short list:

- Be disciplined about sleep. Go to bed early, turn off your laptop, and switch off your smartphone. Get those 8 hours a night in every night.

- Be disciplined about your diet. Avoid fast food and sugar, prioritize unprocessed food and drink enough water.

Being disciplined can get you a long way. Now it is up to you to take action… It is up to you!

Speak to you soon! Kind regards, Joost

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