Creating mental toughness

Mental toughness is a characteristic that helps you overcome adversity and remain focused on what is truly important. When difficult situations come around, you will be challenged and a strong mental framework is necessary to overcome such challenges.

Let's dive into 3 tips that can help you to create more mental toughness.

Focus on what you can control. As humans in general we tend to overthink and worry about external factors over which we have no control. Such factors are other people’s opinions or outcomes of certain events. A quick trading-related example would be to worry about the outcome of a trade after you have entered it as per your trading plan.

Put your energy and focus into areas that you can control such as controlling your own emotions, actions, and perception. Worry will not bring you solutions, analytical thoughts will!

Seek discomfort regularly. Mental toughness is built from overcoming adversity regularly. Most people seek comfort in their routine and environment because it’s safe. The moment adversity hits, they get in distress. You can build mental toughness by deliber