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Let's talk about a clear mind 👋

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Welcome to #5 of The Daily Edge! 👏

It’s often overlooked that the majority of your trading success comes down to your ability to keep a clear and calm mind. When your mind is clear and calm, you are able to follow your trade plan without any effort and act accordingly. I call this the flow state.

Reaching the flow state has little to do with your technical trading skills but more so with your ability to control your emotions. The learning process to control your emotions is vast but in today’s read, I want to give some tips on how you can achieve a clear and calm mind through some simple practices.

Every day you want to take a moment for yourself to calm the body and mind. An example of such a practice is meditation. Through meditation, I am able to disconnect from the outside world and bring my mind and body to rest. It’s part of my daily routine and I am only taking 20 minutes for this practice every day.

If you have trouble finding stillness in meditation, which I experienced at first, you want to find another practice where you can bring mind and body to rest. For instance, when I had trouble meditating I went to a quiet place surrounded by nature and simply took a slow-paced walk for about 20 minutes. When I came back home I found that my mind had reached a calm state and I was in a flow state instantly.

The key to take away from this read is that in order to calm the mind you want to take a moment every day, 20 minutes can be enough, to just be. No phone, no music, no books, no talking, no exercising.

Just remember, if you need anything at all, we're here for you! Love and Warm Regards, Kirill Klein Lebbink