#2 | The Daily Edge

Let's talk about discipline! 👋👋

Hey , Welcome to #2 of The Daily Edge! If you've already read the old daily edge editions, I'll be posting the old ones with new addons and tips regarding my current experiences on those topics, not on a daily basis though! Make sure you take notes and enjoy this journey of value..

People often ask me, how can I become more disciplined?

Especially after the start of March 2021 this question came up a lot, after I succesfully finished the 4x4x48 running challenge from David Goggins... with an average time around 31/32 minutes per 6.5km.

The goal of the challenge was finishing 12 runs of a total of 6.5km each, with more or less 90 minutes sleep in between. As traders you can maybe imagine watching every 4hour candlestick close and realize that 4hours go by pretty quickly, however, I never imagined running 6.5km every 4hour close for 48hours straight. Why am I telling you this? Well, some of the traders cannot follow there own trading plan rules, or they cannot freaking focus on checking the markets on a consistent basis. However, they do expect good returns at the end of each quarter! In my opinion this is insanity!

I lacked a lot of discipline in everything I did, except for sports. I always showed up for my workouts day in day out, and by thinking about it, the reason I was this disciplined was because of the goal I had in mind. What I want to say is...

If reaching your goal becomes your highest value, you'll be motivated to create habits that will bring you there. If you're not creating habits that will bring you closer to your goals, you probably have different values that exceed this one. If your goal is to make money, you might be lacking the discipline in learning one particular skill, which brings you money. Why are you lacking the discipline? If your goal is making money, your mind will divide your resources to all possible solutions towards your goal, which is not the right way to go. Instead, make your goal to be very good in one things, and when you reach that level focus on monetizing it.

Things you can implement;

✅ Start with a simple thing; Get yourself a journal and start journaling.

✅ Start with implementing a simple habit; Plan your next day.

✅ Start with planning your trading habits.

✅ Start with learning on a daily basis.

✅ Write down your goals.

Get yourself a journal today!

Just getting started, to be fair it's rather hard to write small pieces of content instead of everything that goes through my head, I am learning! Love and Warm Regards, Max Nieveld