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A couple words to get us started! 👋👋

Hey , Welcome to The Daily Edge! I'll be totally honest with you, I've started 'The Daily Edge' to share the lessons and experiences I have gained within the financial industry. But... I am also very busy with building my other dream; our Currency HedgeFund. To stay in the daily routine I love and which keeps me at peak performance, I decided to take a selected few hours a week to journal my lessons in this format. This allows me to share and journal my thoughts in a very efficient way. I'll be contacting you on a daily basis, if you're not seeing the value, you can simply unsubscribe below :)

What I'll cover; everything regarding... ✅ Self-Improvement. ✅ Trading & Investing. ✅ Mindset & Psychology. ✅ OPM, Funds, Start-Ups. ✅ The 500+ Questions Saved on Instagram I am excited, every morning grab your coffee and read for a quick minute!

Just remember, if you need anything at all, we're here for you! Love and Warm Regards, Max Nieveld