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A simplified & mechanical trading strategy.

Forex Foundation Course

The Affluence Course is a full and detailed package of trading education. Providing you a true edge instead of the common education based on subjective patterns such as support and resistance.

Private Trading Community

As an Affluence trader, you will gain access to like-minded students around the world, you'll never be alone.

Advanced Trading Psychology

We help traders reach consistency, by providing them a pattern that we've discovered through watching years of institutional order flow. This in combination with the right mindset is all you need.

Road to 7 Figures

Multiple traders within our community have received funding for their trading portfolios. We help you do the same! 


A Powerful and Interactive Course Dashboard

Meet your new trading content hub where you can watch all of the latest New Capital FX content and access all of your trader resources to help you gain a solid foundation in technical analysis while learning the fundamentals of mindset and markets.

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Weekly Market Forecasts

Our life-time access includes weekly forex updates and hundreds of hours of weekly market breakdown episodes! Affluence is not just a one time thing, we evolve together and update whenever needed.

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The Power of Community

The network effect. If you need something in life, you better know people that can help you. The power of being helped and pushed by like-minded individuals is extremely beneficial for your successful life. The Affluence community is a place where you can connect with people from all over the world. 

New Capital FX has impacted

over 1000+ students.

We've helped hundreds of traders go full-time in their trading after joining our platform.

The best $1000 you'll spend, period.

I've been at New Capital since January 2020, and the year has been life-changing so far. Managed to secure funding at two proprietary firms in 8 months time, and are now looking at scaling up for 2021.

Amazing community with a simple, data-driven mechanical approach to trading. The skills and strategy learned at New Capital FX will teach you how to take the discretion out of trading.

Patrick Jongeneel

I have been with New Capital FX since more than a year and I have no regret at all.
All the knowledge I wanted to have in a course is there. Max and JC are amazing people who will always help when someone in the community is asking.


I’m half a year in the community and I’m impressed by their unique and simple style of trading. Their mechanical side of trading is next level. Furthermore you will not only learn how to trade but also how to balance your life with all positive consequences and so on...


I have been trading at New Capital FX for over a year now, and I have seen significant changes in both my trading results, consistency and mental state towards trading itself.​

Definitely the best course that I have seen so far, and I would recommend this to anyone that is in search for consistent trade results and an amazing global community!


This community is life changing. I am a proud member since +- 1 year and looking back I learned so many valuable lessons. I'm confident that this strategy will take me to financial independancy and I am even able to take almost every valid trade during my 55+ hour work week at the office.

Rudie Meliefste

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