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Discover The Best Breakout
Trading EAs In The Trading Industry

The PAI & CCAI strategies have seen a compounded growth of +31282% since 2004.

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Iphone Profits Metatrader

How the trading strategy works

The portfolio of 3 EA's can be seen as fully break-out strategies with a risk to reward from 1:2, 1:5 and a variable one with a trailing stop loss to maximise profits in trending markets.  Due to it's strong positive risk to reward, the strike-rate is lower but in perfect balance to profit from the markets.


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The EAs collective performance

To validate a strategy, you need to analyse how many times your mechanical pattern succesfully occured in recent years. To eliminate human error, we've automated our manual trading strategy and analysed the results using the third-party software StrategyQuant.

Monthly QuantAnalyzer Returns PAI and CCAI

All The Strategies Include

When you purchase the EA from us you get

2 Licenses for 2 trade accounts

Lifetime access to EA

Assistance with VPS config

Set files for best performance

MT4 and MT5 ex4, ex5 files

Free EA updates

Easy installation guide

Quant Analyzer reports

Be next. We help you get started today.

Only a few licenses available

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