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Get Consistent Automated Returns

New Capital uses cutting edge trading strategies that instantly boost your trading performance. A crystal clear path to increase your trading income.

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The professional approach

Finding profitable strategies

The NC community creates hundreds of trading strategies every single month, allowing us to pick-out the few that are profitable and consistent. This leading approach allows us to offer winning trading strategies, that work in all market environments, and adapt when required.

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We created NC to help millions of traders to consistency.
Every trader evolves to automation, NC leads this evolution.

- Max Nieveld

The most powerful trading
strategies unified in one place

New Capital combines the highest level of trading algorithms to give you
a data-backed trading approach, fully automated and effortless.

Algo-Trading Simplified


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Get automated trades

Let's focus on what matters...

4 ways NC boosts your returns


Fully automated trading, with ZERO human error.

Our fully automated trading approach helps struggling traders to break through the barrier of inconsistency. 
We provide a crystal clear path to results.

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Multi-strategy & markets for optimal diversification and growth

We pride ourselves on our professional approach to diversify our trading strategies, to help you become instantly profitable.

Type of Strategies

  • Trend trading

  • Breakout trading

Currency Strategies

  • The PAI Strategy

  • The CCAI Strategy

Crypto Strategies

  • The Breakout Strategy

  • The Impulse Strategy

  • The Trending Strategy


The HOLY GRAIL combination.
Proven strategies, in one place.
Get what works. Scale it up.


Long-term data sets to find a REAL trading edge.

All our strategies are tested over a large period of high quality tick data. Robust trading strategies work for many, many years, and we're proving that.

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20 year currency portfolio, 4 year crypto portfolio
risk per trade can be adjusted to your preference.

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Strong performance

99% of all the traders cannot consistently outperform the markets.

Our strategies have been doing this for multiple years now, due to the consistent and proven approach of trend trading.

Combine all the above to... Simply... Earn more

When you stop wasting your hard earned money on non-proven trading strategies and start using ours... Your trading earns more. Period. The end.

The result:

You consistently receive trades to your broker account, you see your account grow over-time and can focus on enjoying the freedom of automated trading.

Be next. We can plug you in today

Select your path. If you use our partners, you get 6-months free.

Copy Trades Directly


Free trades for 6-months 

When you open a broker account
with our partner Tickmill

Get Trades To Account
Social Trader Tools Dashboard
Assistance With Connecting
No Hidden Costs or Markups
24/5 VIP Support
+30 Trades Per Month

NC PRO Membership


Billed per 3 months

Receive full access to the NC community, courses and trades

Comprehensive Trading Course
Comprehensive Algo Course
Profectus Strategies EA Library
2 Weekly NC Pro Webinars 
Global Discord Community
24/7 VIP Support
Advanced Spreadsheets & Tools
Copy-Trading included
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