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New Capital helps ambitious individuals to get consistently profitable.

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New Capital

The smartest way to profit from the markets using proven
innovative strategies

We teach ambitious individuals and entrepreneurs to profit from the financial markets, with our step-by-step strategies.

A life-changing community

Immerse yourself in an enriching environment with hundreds of market enthusiasts from across the world.

The New Capital Curriculum

Embark on our comprehensive courses designed to fast-track your journey from a beginner to a trading master, equipping you with everything you need to dominate your finances and amplify your market returns.

Market beating strategies

Collaborate with traders and developers to craft and share innovative trading strategies. Our strategy library is your treasure trove of strategies, waiting for your personal touch.

Network with like-minded individuals

Say goodbye to the solitude of trading. Our global community is the perfect crucible for fostering innovation and creativity among like-minded individuals.

Start scaling to 7 figures

Show us your zeal, and we'll pave the way for you to manage more capital, leveraging the strategies you've helped create.


A Community Designed For Growth

Dive into our finance ecosystem, designed to arm you with confidence, knowledge, and strategies for consistent profitability. 

Live Sessions For Real Results

With weekly live webinars led by our experts. Gain actionable insights into day trading and automated trading across Forex, Crypto, and Stock markets.

- Monday Live Webinar
- Wednesday Live Webinar

Discord Community

Traders, Investors & Developers

The New Capital Community is not only about trading the markets, all concepts regarding financial markets are covered. Together you're on a journey to master money, investing, trading and business. In life, it's all about surrounding yourself with the right people. 

What to expect

Master finance, start trading, and enjoy the freedom of automation

Tired of empty promises from online "gurus"? At New Capital, we cut through the noise, offering a data-backed educational experience that equips you with tangible skills in income management, investment strategies, and trading—both manual and algorithmic.

STEP 1 | Learn to master finances

NC student start with the teachings about money and saving. This is the foundation of your financial future.

STEP 3 | Learn active-trading

Here you learn how to boost your retuns to the next level, targeting to outperform the market, massively. A full course on trading.

STEP 5 | Get more capital

Here you start trading live manually and or automated, aimed to get you to the desired funded trader status.

STEP 2 | Learn passive investing

Here you learn how to make consistent returns with passive investing. A strategy that lasts centuries. 

STEP 4 | Learn algo-trading

Active trading is good but to really boost your returns, automation needs to be added, which we do here. A full FXDreema course.

STEP 6 | Start a business

The skills obtained in your NC journey allow you to create atleast six income streams in the next 60 days.

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This keeps us moving forward.

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Solutions to increase your returns

We believe that everyone should investigate trading, investing and money management, but everyones journey is different.

Finance E-Book

Are you totally new to trading, investing and money? Start with reading our finance e-book!

NC Pro Membership

Get instant access to the community, curriculum and opportunities within NC Pro.

Expert Advisors

Interested in getting our go-to expert advisors? A selection of our best systems are for sale.

Copy Trading

Our best FX and Crypto trading strategies can be automatically copied to your trading account.

Free Algo Course

This 3 part masterclass helps you to get started with creating your own trading algorithms.

1-1 Coaching

Interested in learning everything we have step by step with one-one coaching? Let's book a call.

Free Trading Class

This free masterclass shows our manual day/swing trading strategy in full detail. 

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Receive 365 days of pure knowledge to improve your trading game with our lessons.

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